PDF Search V1.0

Hello world,

My previous blog posts were about Android apps, you might think ‘oh this is an android guy’ :P, so now I would like to share my PDF Search V1.0 window application. I love programming πŸ™‚

Image 002

You may ask we have Adobe Reader Advance Search functionality why we need this application, well this application will have suggestion words lists to help advise your search keywords.

Adobe Reader is required to open pdf files.

Download the archive PDFSearch.zip from here.



How to use PDF Search V1.0


1. Extract the zip to a folder.

2. Double click ‘PDFSearch.exe’ to open the application.
Image 001

3. Now ‘PDF Search V1.0’ will show up.
Image 002

4. Click ‘Admin’ tab
Image 003

5. Data Directory is where you store your pdf files in your computer

Index Directory is to store index files. Later you may share to your colleague or friends same DataDirectory and IndexDirectory structure, so they won’t need to create indexes again and save time.

6. Click ‘…’ folder browse button for Data Directory. And choose your pdf directory.

Image 003 - 1

Image 004

Image 005

7. Click ‘…’ folder browse button for Index Directory. And choose a new folder to store search indexes.
Image 003 - 2

Image 006

Image 007

8. Click ‘Save Settings’ to make sure you don’t lost your settings. ‘Saved’ message will prompt , click ‘OK’.
Image 009

Image 008

9. Click ‘Generate Indexes’ to generate search indexes and it will take a while depends on number of pdf files. Progress message with pdf name and page will be displaying to you.

Image 009-2
Image 010

10. When completed, ‘Successfully generated indexes.’ will prompt. Click ‘OK’.

Image 011

11. Now you are ready to search for what you want. Click ‘Search’ tab. Key in your search keyword. Intellisense suggestion words list will appear. Cool.

Image 013
Image 028

12. Click on your desired keyword on suggestion list or you can use down arrow from keyboard to navigate through words.

Image 029

13. Click ‘Search’ button.
Image 030

14. Search results will come out with file name, paragraph text, page no.
Image 031 -2

15. Click ‘Go’ button to open the page in Adobe Reader.

Image 032

16. Finally Adobe Reader with the desired search page will open.

Image 033


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