SharePoint online OOTB Task list not sending email to assignee

Last week I was supporting a user that SharePoint online OOTB task list not receiving email, in fact task list not sending email to any assigned person.

Of course the first thing I check it Task List > Advance Settings > E-Mail Notification option, but ‘Send e-mail when ownership is assigned’ is selected as ‘Yes’. So this should send email, why it doesn’t send. 

Hmm, I realized one changes, Complete% field has been hidden as a request by user in this task list, so I doubt that was the cause not sending email, but even I mark the field back to Optional , task list still not sending email.

Then I ask my good friend google, but didn’t get a solid answer. Then I doubt whether SharePoint online email sending is not working or not. So I created brand new task list, and it was sending email properly.

Hmm, then ‘Alert me’ option come into my mind to try alert me of this list working. I went and click ‘Alert me > Set alert on this list’ , and it shows ‘Sorry, something went wrong, You cannot create alerts for lists for which users can only read their own items.’, Oh, what a good lead.

Go to the list settings, ‘Item-level permissions > Read access ‘, no surprise currently ‘Read items that were created by user’ is selected. So I changed it to ‘Read all items’. But still not receiving assigned email for new task, so I reset ‘Send e-mail when ownership is assigned’ by choosing No then Save, then by choosing Yes and Save again. Create a new task to test, tadada email was sending to assigned person.

Hope this helps.




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